June 18, 2017

Cèduire Tights Review

I recently got some cool tights from Céduire and I want to share with you what I think of them!

Firstly, I want to point out that the designs are so original, I don't think I've seen those anywhere else which makes me happy. ^^ They feel comfortable (all tights I wear are comfortable haha) but sometimes tights can itch or something which these definitely show no signs from.
My legs are pretty long and I feel like it would've been nicer if they had some more length, that way I would have more room, you know? It doesn't bother me that much though, it's just that I feel like that's always an issue for girls with trees for legs, haha!
The quality of them are really good! After wearing them alot of times now they don't have a single rip yet. which is a big thing, right girls?

Next to the tights I recieved a pair of stockings (or hold ups, whatever you want to call it). I wear them less because I am not that much of a fan of those things, but these may change it all because they are really comfy! One thing I think everyone struggles with is stockings always falling down (at least I have that problem - haha), but it isn't a problem in this case! They stay up really good and the length is just perfect. :)

- Shop the floral tights and ballet hold-ups for yourself! -
(Be quick! They have a mayor sale going on right now, so take advantage of it while you can )

• comfortable
• pretty & original
• strong fabric
• detailed designs

• a little bit short
• other than that nothing^^

Overall rating:

You can always use my code 'zxmbiemermaid' for 10% off your Céduire order!

June 06, 2017

Lace & Skulls

Top H&M | Bolero Made by myself | Skull skirt Ebay | Lace skirt Thrifted | Tights Primark | Sneakers Primark | Bat hairclip H&M | Choker Made by myself

How nice is this weather even?? It looks like its hot but in reality it's around 20℃, LOVE it. It gives me the opportunity to layer stuff so I'll take all the chances I get! Soon the summer will be here and it will be too hot for months to even wear proper clothes. But whatever! I'm going to make the best of it.
I feel like ebay is kind of underrated? You can get so many cool things off of their website, even goth related stuff! For example this skirt, I don't think there's many stores that sell a skull skirt for like $5, right? haha!

On another note, I recently became kind of obsessed with mixing different colored hair extensions together. Life's too short for boring hair, right? 😋

May 31, 2017

Stripping Color from Extensions using Dish Soap

Dyeing your hair extensions is fun, untill you want a different color, then you need to strip the color out and here's the method I find most friendly for it. 😊

It can be really frustrating to want to dye your extensions another color, because you're changing your hair. But as you may know, it's pretty hard to get that color out.
You may think about bleaching it, but DON'T do it before you have tried this method!

I will share with you what process I go through with my extensions to srip out the old color, so another color can take it's place.

At first, get some dishwashing soap and a pan. Fill that pan with a bunch of water and add the soap (I use a ton of soap because I feel like that tends to work more effective). Stir the water around so the soap spreads throughout the water. While you're doing that you can turn on the stove and let the water become warm (DON'T let it boil! That's tooo hot and kinda fries the hair). Then put your extensions in! I'd recommend putting them in a ponytail so the hair won't get super tangled. That's a thing you have to be careful of though, because it's safer to stir the extensions around (so the chance of them getting stuck on the bottom dissapears), they can get tangled and that's super annoying to brush out!

Let your hair in there for about 10 minutes and keep calmly stirring. After that take them out of the pan, I always use the spoon I stir with since the extensions can be pretty warm. Then rinse them with warm water until all the soap is gone and leave them somewhere to dry!

It's that simple. :)
If it doesn't work on your extensions, you can go ahead and use a bleach bath or run straight to the full bleach process if you want to.
I would recommend trying the dishwash soap thingy first though since it's a lot less damaging to the hair.

My extensions are from VpFashion and are 22" - 260 grams.
(you can use my code "mermaidvp" for $10 off your order!)
As you can see on the pictures it was red with yellow at first and I had the luck that they faded to pink, the color I wanted (semi-permanent red dyes are orange or pink based, mine was obviously pink based haha).

If you're still having questions or uncertanties about this method, feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to clear things up!

x - Liz

May 21, 2017

Trip to the Efteling

Hello world!
I am finally here, making my first blog post. I have wanted to start a blog for a while now and never got around to do it, but here I am!

So yesterday I went to the Efteling with my friends from Renegate.
I hadn't been there since forever and only went once so it was a lot of fun to look around and see all the cool "old" buildings. I was also enjoying the little food places because it smelled nice all the time, popcorn, pancakes, pizza... 

Most of us wanted to go in all the rides so that's what we did! It was funny, when we were waiting in line it would rain and the sun was there while we were on the rides!
Since not so long there's a new ride called the Baron. It's one where you experience a kind of free fall straight down and then go underground, that might have been my favorite one. Of course Villa Volta and Droomvlucht (dream flight) were also cool, but in a different way. It all gave some kind of fairytale vibe (especially Droomvlucht where you travel through different kinds of dreamy scenery's).

 When the park was about to close we went into the Flying Dutchman and I'm really glad we made that one since it's so nicely decorated, also because I totally love pirate stuff.  Unfortunately we didn't have the time to walk through het Sprookjesbos (the fairytale forest), but that's okay, it was alot of fun anyways!